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Harriman State Park - Turkey Hill, Stockbridge Mountain, Black Mountain, AT, Long Path

June 6, 2021

13.5 Mi • 2,339 Ft Gain • 179 Photos • 5 Videos

I came out of this hike completely soaked in sweat. This is the first time I really pushed through the heat for such a long distance. I was initially worried if I brought enough water, but I monitored my intake and sipped at a consistent pace throughout the day. I knew going in this would be more of a forest hike than a view hike and I was okay with that. Due to the intense sun, I didn't want to spend too much time on mountain tops and I was happy to stay in the shade as much as possible. Even without the views, it was an awesome hike! I enjoyed exploring a new section of Harriman.
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Fahnestock State Park - Candlewood Hill, Clear Lake, Hidden Lake

April 10, 2021

9.6 Mi • 1,509 Ft Gain • 65 Photos

This was an awesome hike exploring the views from Candlewood Hill on a gorgeous, mid-60 degree spring afternoon. It was great to see flowers and foliage start blooming again and the forest getting back a little bit of its green hue. The animals were out in force today, as we saw a snake, a snapping turtle, salamanders, geese, and frogs on our journey. Walking the carriage trails was a bit underwhelming, but hiking a bit of the Appalachian Trail made up for it. Although this hike may be too long for some, it's not super intense, so it could be hiked by almost any skill level.
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Harriman State Park - Elk Pen, Island Pond, Lemon Squeezer, Bald Rocks, Appalachian Trail

October 3, 2020

11.1 Mi • 1,909 Ft Gain • 178 Photos • 2 Videos

I'm falling in love with fall hikes! The changing of the leaves and the cooler weather make for a great hiking environment. From logging a few more miles Appalachian Trail, visiting Island Pond, the Lemon Squeezer, the mine areas, the Bald Rocks, and more, this was a fantastic hike! Aside from a few moderate ascends and descents, but most of my path was pretty easy and flat. It was also my longest hike so far, at 11 miles. I really enjoyed Harriman State Park, and with over 200 miles of trails to explore, I can see myself coming back.
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Fahnestock State Park - Round Hill, East Mountain, Spooky House, Hubbard Lodge

September 18, 2020

7.5 Mi • 1,328 Ft Gain • 176 Photos

On a quiet Friday afternoon, I was alone on about 80% of the trail, only encountering people at the very beginning and very end of my hike. I enjoyed exploring the views that Round Hill and East Mountain offer. The terrain was interesting and varied, and the ascent is manageable. It's steep enough to give a good workout, but not so steep you feel like you're climbing stairs. The "spooky house" in the middle of the hike was a unique find. I would like to come back to explore more of this trail and some of its offshoots, including the hidden waterfall that I didn't find this time.
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Bear Mountain State Park - Hessian Lake, Major Welch Trail, Perkins Tower, 1777W Trail, 1777E Trail

September 6, 2020

7.5 Mi • 1,484 Ft Gain • 116 Photos

Overall, I really enjoyed the hike and the company of my friend! The first part of the day was challenging getting up the mountain, but the rewarding views and panoramas make it well worth the climb. Most the rest of the hike was moderate to easy, with many sections on paved or packed gravel pathways. If the mountain is too much, there are plenty of other trails to the south that don't require as much work. I plan to come back and explore the Doodletown area of the park more, as there's some really rich history here.
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Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve - Anthony's Nose, Camp Smith Trail, Bear Mtn Toll House

August 15, 2020

9.1 Mi • 2,498 Ft Gain • 155 Photos

Wow, this was definitely the most intense hike I've done yet, taking almost 8 hours and navigating almost 2,500 ft of elevation gain. From either direction, there's a lot of uphill and downhill work involved, with several rocky stair-like climbs and descents along the way. The views of the Hudson River, Bear Mountain, and the surrounding areas are magnificent! It was definitely rewarding after the journey up to relax and take it all in. This is probably not the right hike for a first-timer, but can be managed with enough water and supplies.
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Fahnestock State Park - Pelton Pond, Three Lakes Trail, Canopus Lake, Candlewood Hill Trail

August 9, 2020

9 Mi • 894 Ft Gain • 185 Photos • 2 Videos

Overall, this was my best and longest hike yet! I'm really impressed with this park and the variety of terrain it offers, including the elevation changes; navigation of rocks, streams, and trees; and beautiful scenery. Being able to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail was super exciting too! I've explored less than 10% of this park, so I will definitely be back to see more. There are several summits to the west that look interesting and several trails to the south that I'd like to see. Fahnestock, we will meet again!
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