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The Irvington Woods - Hermit's Grave, Harriman Road, Macy Monument, Terrace, Steps

July 5, 2020

4.1 Mi • 416 Ft Gain • 41 Photos

My first visit to The Peter Oley Trailways System at The Irvington Woods was a bit disorienting. I printed out the full perimeter route beforehand, but I didn't realize this map doesn't have the trail marker numbers on it like the full map does. I could easily pull up the full map on my phone, but I was trying to rely on paper and instinct. Even though I didn't end up taking the route I originally intended or seeing all I wanted to see, it was a fun first trip exploring on and off the marked trails.
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Taxter Ridge Park Preserve - Woody Crest, Danny Gold Blue Trail, Orange Trail

June 21, 2020

2.8 Mi • 369 Ft Gain • 39 Photos

I went partially off trail on my third visit, following the eastern border along I-287, then to the west eventually coming across a cool stream that abuts a private property. I followed the park's exterior as it passed a murky iron-shaped pond on more private land, complete with a rowboat sitting idly on the shore. Overall it was a fun hike and I enjoyed going off script to see parts of the park that aren't normally seen. I will come back at some point and spend more time in that northwest corner that has a lot of goodies!
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East Irvington Nature Preserve - Weckquaesgeek Trail

June 14, 2020

2.0 Mi • 239 Ft Gain • 38 Photos • 1 Video

This was technically my second visit to East Irvington Nature Preserve, but the first one was so many years ago, I don't even remember it. This is a small, but quaint and quiet area. I imagine there are some good valley views in the fall and winter with less leaves. This is a really nice one-mile trail for beginners or for those who don't have a lot of time. I was able to squeeze an hour of activity and 2 miles in by looping through a few times and exploring off the paths. I'm curious if any wildlife visit the pond as I didn't observe any on my visit.
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Taxter Ridge Park Preserve - Carriage Trail, Water Tower, Danny Gold Blue Trail, Yellow Trail

June 7, 2020

2.9 Mi • 191 Ft Gain • 29 Photos

On my second visit, I decided to take the Danny Gold trail to the west (left) this time. A nice, well marked trail took me out to the Mount Pleasant Lane parking lot in no time. It was fun exploring the western and southern parts of the park, including the Tarrytown water tower, that I had not seen on my first visit. The boundary between the park and the residential areas is very thin, but I can understand someone wanting to buy property near an area that most likely will not see any development for hundreds of years (we hope!).
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Taxter Ridge Park Preserve - Yellow Trail, Woody Crest, Danny Gold Blue Trail, Orange Trail

May 25, 2020

2.5 Mi • 325 Ft Gain • 31 Photos

This was my first hike at Taxter Ridge Park Preserve and my first hike overall in several years. From Taxter Road, the yellow trail starts in a lush green area, heading up a moderate slope. There are shaded areas and sunlit openings. There are several downed trees, shrubs, and other greenery. It's an easy trail and is clearly marked. Be sure to checkout the brick remnants of "Woody Crest", a former home for handicapped children, along the way. I see a lot of beauty in this park and will be back to explore the other trails and areas.
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Rockefeller State Park Preserve - Brothers' Path, Swan Lake

July 6, 2013

2 Photos

It was the Saturday afternoon of Fourth of July weekend and I think I just needed to get out of the house for some time with Mother Nature. If I recall correctly, I took Brothers' Path (BP) around the east side of Swan Lake and then back up the west side of the lake.
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