Taxter Ridge Park Preserve - Woody Crest, Danny Gold Blue Trail, Orange Trail

June 21, 2020

Distance: 2.8 Mi

Duration: 01:28:27

Elevation Gain: 369 Ft

Trail Map

My third trip to Taxter Ridge Park Preserve started off very predictably from the Taxter Road entrance and up the Danny Gold blue trail to the northeast (right).

I followed Danny Gold (blue) until it meets the orange trail, and took the orange trail off to the north (right). Once I hit the "Woody Crest" chimney, I decided it was time to go off trail.

I headed east until I met I-287. I started by blazing my own trail, but eventually found some unmarked paths to follow. There were some deer in this area, and predictably some trash near the highway, including tires.

I hugged the northeast border to make my way to the Sheldon Avenue parking lot, then stayed tucked against the northwest boundary of the park. I came across a cool stream and stonework that abuts a private property. I continued to follow the park's exterior to the northwest as I passed a murky iron-shaped pond on more private land, complete with a rowboat sitting idly on the shore.

I came across a couple tree stands as I turned to the southeast. I wonder if hunting is allowed so close to the park in the fall. I made it as far south as I could before coming to another property line, so I headed east to try to pick up a trail again.

Much to my surprise, I happened to land within a few feet of the "Woody Crest" chimney where I had started my detour. I had made a big wide and sweeping circle without even planning it or using a map. That was pretty exciting!

From there I traced the orange trail, back to the blue trail, back to the yellow trail, and back to the parking lot. Overall it was a fun hike and I enjoyed going off script to see parts of the park that aren't normally seen. I will come back at some point and spend more time in that northwest corner that has a lot of goodies!


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