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East Irvington Nature Preserve - Weckquaesgeek Trail

June 14, 2020

2.0 Mi • 239 Ft Gain • 38 Photos • 1 Video

This was technically my second visit to East Irvington Nature Preserve, but the first one was so many years ago, I don't even remember it. This is a small, but quaint and quiet area. I imagine there are some good valley views in the fall and winter with less leaves. This is a really nice one-mile trail for beginners or for those who don't have a lot of time. I was able to squeeze an hour of activity and 2 miles in by looping through a few times and exploring off the paths. I'm curious if any wildlife visit the pond as I didn't observe any on my visit.
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Taxter Ridge Park Preserve - Carriage Trail, Water Tower, Danny Gold Blue Trail, Yellow Trail

June 7, 2020

2.9 Mi • 191 Ft Gain • 29 Photos

On my second visit, I decided to take the Danny Gold trail to the west (left) this time. A nice, well marked trail took me out to the Mount Pleasant Lane parking lot in no time. It was fun exploring the western and southern parts of the park, including the Tarrytown water tower, that I had not seen on my first visit. The boundary between the park and the residential areas is very thin, but I can understand someone wanting to buy property near an area that most likely will not see any development for hundreds of years (we hope!).
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