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Rockefeller State Park Preserve - Swan Lake, Buttermilk Hill, Rock Wall Loop, Spring Trail

August 1, 2020

7.8 Mi • 626 Ft Gain • 93 Photos

Overall, I considered this more of a walk through and near wooded areas than a hike. All of the paths I ended up on were dirt or gravel carriage paths with little canopy and it sometimes felt like walking down a quiet street. It was still great exercise and it was outdoors, but I'd much prefer being more enclosed by woods than this. Now that I have a better lay of the land, I'm going to do more research about Rockefeller State Park Preserve to see if there are more traditional hiking trails. There are over 45 miles of paths here, so there is plenty to explore on future visits!
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Taxter Ridge Park Preserve - Carriage Trail, Water Tower, Danny Gold Blue Trail, Yellow Trail

June 7, 2020

2.9 Mi • 191 Ft Gain • 29 Photos

On my second visit, I decided to take the Danny Gold trail to the west (left) this time. A nice, well marked trail took me out to the Mount Pleasant Lane parking lot in no time. It was fun exploring the western and southern parts of the park, including the Tarrytown water tower, that I had not seen on my first visit. The boundary between the park and the residential areas is very thin, but I can understand someone wanting to buy property near an area that most likely will not see any development for hundreds of years (we hope!).
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Rockefeller State Park Preserve - Brothers' Path, Swan Lake

July 6, 2013

2 Photos

It was the Saturday afternoon of Fourth of July weekend and I think I just needed to get out of the house for some time with Mother Nature. If I recall correctly, I took Brothers' Path (BP) around the east side of Swan Lake and then back up the west side of the lake.
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