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Bear Mountain State Park - Hessian Lake, Major Welch Trail, Perkins Tower, 1777W Trail, 1777E Trail

September 6, 2020

7.5 Mi • 1,484 Ft Gain • 116 Photos

Overall, I really enjoyed the hike and the company of my friend! The first part of the day was challenging getting up the mountain, but the rewarding views and panoramas make it well worth the climb. Most the rest of the hike was moderate to easy, with many sections on paved or packed gravel pathways. If the mountain is too much, there are plenty of other trails to the south that don't require as much work. I plan to come back and explore the Doodletown area of the park more, as there's some really rich history here.
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Bear Mountain State Park - Cornell Mine, Major Welch, Hessian Lake

August 4, 2013

1 Photo

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in August, my neighbor, his girlfriend at the time, and I set out for a stroll through Bear Mountain State Park. We started in the main parking lot, near Bear Mountain Inn. I believe we took Cornell Mine (CM) until it connected with Major Welch (MW) around the west side of Hessian Lake. From there, we took the unmarked trail to the north and east of Hessian Lake back to the parking lot. I only snapped one photo that day from the trail overlooking the lake.
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